Flash Fiction: The Aftermath

Flash Fiction: The Aftermath


It had been a long summer. That was all Sheila used to describe the gruelling months following the murder of her sister, Dahlia. Her days were spent between preparing for court proceedings and the actual court proceedings. College was on hold, her writing job was on hold, even grief was on hold. That summer was all about getting the justice her sister, Dahlia deserved.

Today held a different story as she watched the ship, which would become the home of her parents for the next one month cruise away from the docks, onto foreign lands.
Having second thoughts about not going?”, a voice spoke behind her.

Absolutely not“, Sheila turned to see the smiling face of her twin brother.
“Cruises are not for me,” she added. “And anyway, I’d have to deal with not having Dahlia around me to roam the streets anymore. I can’t keep running”.

She suddenly felt the protective arm of her brother around her and its warmth was enough.

word count: 163. This story is in reaponse to flash fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge. Thank you for this week’s picture @barbCT