Flash Fiction: To eat or not?

Flash Fiction: To eat or not?


“Ehh, I don’t come to visit you for a while and this happens.” Aunt Bose wailed, barely descended from the ferry board. “Where did all your meat go?”

“Good to see you too Aunty,” Vivian began,

“No, don’t greet me. Turn, let me see you well”.

Vivian succumbed to her aunt’s protests, turning around so her aunt could view her properly and pretended to be oblivious to the side eye she was getting from the other arrivals.

With great difficulty, Vivian managed to draw her aunt’s attention away from her physical appearance and towards her car.

“Good thing I’m here.” Aunt Bose declared, “God forbid you return home looking like skin on bones.”

“But Aunty,” Vivian teased, “I am working to become a model.”

“Well, It better be a model weighing 70 kg because that is what you are going to be before I leave,” then she added, “70, at least.”

“You could die by eating too much”, Vivian muttered,

“And you wouldΒ die if you don’t,” her aunt countered.

Vivian sighed knowing her Aunt was right.

Word count: 175 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo promot challenge where each week we are provided a picture and are to write a story on it using 75-175 words. Thank you very much Louise for providing us with this week’s image.

20 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: To eat or not?

  1. Nice take on the prompt. I think I side with aunty. But I remember a time I was in Brussels and my boyfriend worked in a restaurant. Everyone said I looked like a leg of a chair! They fattened me up and I’ve been struggling ever since πŸ˜‰

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  2. Older relatives always want to make sure younger ones are eating properly. They have a point, too, in some cases, where young girls in particular want to be ultra slim. Unfortunately, mums, aunts and grandma’s aren’t happy until they’ve done a good job of fattening up the young one. I suppose it’s their way of showing love and care. Lovely little story. πŸ˜ƒ


  3. You know it’s nice to model, but many places are starting to make laws against allowing models who appear like skeletons such as France. I hope other countries follow. It’s fine to watch what you eat, but we don’t need to count ribs, most women are not like that naturally, especially when they’re older etc. I think she should eat some and exercise while she’s there too. Maybe walk a lot? A balance is always good. Nicely written!

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    1. I remember reading that article, it really is a great step taken by France. They said those who were naturally underweight had to bring a medical clearance. I agree, a lot of times, it’s the balance that’s missing.

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  4. Models are usually very thin…I think they are required to , but it really isn’t healthy and older people, like her Aunt, realize this more so than the young. Unfortunately, the model agencies and businesses selling clothing go for the very thin. We need more models that are not so thin! Great story.


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