Hush Little Baby..,

Hush Little Baby..,


Hush little baby,
I blow to the wind;
Please take my kisses,
To the little boy who weeps;
The one without a mother,
Who keep us up at night-
With cries wrenching my soulful heart,
That yearns for his embrace.

Hush little youngster,
I blow to the wind;
Please take this fragment piece of me,
And fill the void in the kid;
Incomplete but I’ll be alright,
As long as he can sleep;
And rest his gentle heart at ease,
And yearn not all night still.

Hush little darling,
I blow to the wind;
Mama is not here I know,
But I’m not far from reach;
I’ll keep on sending these kisses,
For as long as I have will;
Until I know you’re safe and sound,
The wind will be our bridge.

Hush Oh darling,
For your cries are tearing me…