A- Ajeeb (Wierd)

A- Ajeeb (Wierd)


It’s not written in the stars,
Rather imprinted in her heart;
Every scene of the horrible crime-
Stole her childhood, her life.

Like a movie, it plays out-
Forward-rewinds, in her mind;
A young girl orphaned at a time,
‘Stead of dollies, she mourns life.

Who dunnit? The question- we ask;
Back and forth, all false signals;
Evidence waning, cops worked out;
Little girl hurt- no one for the crime.

Then In a weird twist of events,
An evidence found, it all unravels;
The criminal caught, life behind bars;
Justice won for the girl at last.
It is a strange world to be alive.

Ajeeb means weird In Hindi. I wanted to do something different as an unofficial A-Z participant. 😉