Ballad: Bailey’s Son

Ballad: Bailey’s Son


Galavanting down the stairs in white,
The toll bell’s ringing- bride has arrived;
Bedecked in jewels from head to toe,
The lady in white with her train in tow.

The crowd goes ooh and the crowd goes ah,
Their perfect prince had found a wife;
The single maidens envy the bride,
While the streets of Bailey, rejoice and dance.

The priest stood waiting on the altar stand,
The bride’s eyes searching her beloved’s whereabout;
Silence drowning the energy and high,
A groom gone missing- cause for alarm.

Found laying still in a brothel house,
The Perfect groom with a secret life;
An image misconstrued on views and lies,
Prince charming departs not in the arm of his bride.

And years went by, and the bride moved on;
The town stood still for a while, distraught;
The envious envied the bride no more-
And Bailey learnt prefect was but a relative term.

Day 21 of October Poetry Writing  month. I’m trying to catchup on the prompts I missed. Today’s poetry type is Ballad. Just click on the word for more details on balladic style.


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P- Pleasure is Mine

P- Pleasure is Mine


The smile on his face,
Erased every doubt;
The chapel stood silent-
As she strode down the aisle.
Primroses in hand,
Her gown glistened on;
As her Prince Charming stood
Still- awaiting his love.

To the crowd they were perfect;
All glitters and gold.
But the battle they fought
To get there- no one knows.
A smile can hide so much-
Oh the couple, they knew.
Two does make it better-
Like balm on a wound.

Forty years of marriage
With the love of her life.
Remission in progress-
This sure was a sign.
Thank you she mumbled-
Amidst tear filled eyes;
The pleasure is mine-
He replied to his bride.

A Glimpse Of Summer 2

A Glimpse Of Summer 2

Here’s the second part of my fiction piece ‘a glimpse of Summer’. You can read the part 1 here. Hope you enjoy it, I tried to make sure it wasn’t too long.

The wedding day came and my God, it was perfect. Summer was a perfectionist and even though I knew that, the sight of the hall still amazed me.

Emerald green and gold curtains draped the formerly bare white walls; the floor was littered with cream and and rose flower petals. Each table had a centerpiece filled with wild roses and two scented candles on each side. But my favorite was the three tiered cake that stood on one side of the royal couple’s chair.

The bottom layer of the cake was decorated with green frizzy petals made from icing. The middle layer was plain gold and the top layer- it was emerald green with mini doves and butterflies scattered on the sides.

As both I and Summer Walked through the hall, inspecting it for the last time before the time for the I do’s arrived, she spoke. Reaffirming what she had told me previously which I brushed off.

“I’m leaving” she blurted, without as much as a glance at me. Her gaze was directed towards the floor.

It wasn’t the first time I was hearing it, but there was something in the tone of her voice when she said it; it was said with determination. I had known Summer all my life and I knew when she meant her speeches; and that time, she did.

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