The Train Journey

The Train Journey


When I was a kid,I always believed my first train journey would be a somewhat replica of Jab we met where I would find my “not so charming” prince in distress, save him from the turmoil of heartache, lose my heart to him unwillingly after a few mishaps where we miss the connecting train and then in the end, he saves me and we live a happy ever after life. Well, life has a way if turning things into the unexpected.

My first train journey was what I would refer to as- eventful. With my Karens-like Caribbean printed skirt, yellow basic too and a colored shawl wrapped around my neck, I embarked on my first ever train journey at the age of nineteen, returning home from school.

After a rocky exam, I made the mistake of going out to “chill” with the gals in the night before my flight. Chilling where I came from basically meant, going out to eat anything and everything. All the pizzas, chin chin (local Nigerian snack), zobo, ginger ale, cookies, chocolates, heck, we even ordered a medium sized chocolate cake.

Blythe time I got to the train station, my intestines were screaming loudly, I needed to go and empty them. I managed to climb aboard the train with my bowels twisting and turning. Luckily (the only luck I had that day) , the train at tenant was kind enough to show me to the loo. The sight I met there was enough for me to puke out my stomach contents. Ahhh,I still feel a. Shiver down my spine when I think of the terrible state in which the toilet was on. Not to forget, it was a pit latrine. Read more

The Unexpected journey- Life

The Unexpected journey- Life


I’ve been through a lot of journeys, literally speaking. I’ve been “almost” left on a bus (thank you Khadijah), missed the same flight twice in a matter of a few days, had an unexpected 8-hour transit at an airport while fasting and a lot more I could choose from. But then, I came across this quote while scanning through my albums and I couldn’t help but share it, so here goes:

The best day of your life is the one
on which you decide your life is your own.
No apologies or excuses.
No one to rely on, lean on, blame on.
The gift is yours-
it is an amazing journey- and you alone are responsible
for the quality of it. This is the day
your life really begins. – bob Moawad

Life itself is an unexpected journey. We plan our weeks and days and more often than not, we come across something totally unexpected which displaces the balance of the plan we had already set up. But that’s life, it is an “unexpected Journey”. True happiness comes from realizing this fact and trying our best to the make the most of this journey despite the number of bumps that pop up.

As Bob Moawad says, we alone are responsible for the quality of our lives. The sooner we realise that thorns and all, we can still bloom, the more amazing the unexpected journey called Life would be.

This is my submission to the blogging event “Essence of Reminiscence” hosted by Yuvathi.