Writer’s Quote: Fear and Courage

Writer’s Quote: Fear and Courage


I know I write a lot about courage and fear, but it seems to me that these are the two main things holding us back (especially as writers). Fear is an insatiable thing- the more we feed and give into it, the more it craves. And as time goes on, we lose ourselves to it. Here is where courage comes into play. If there is one antidote for fear, then it is “courage”. The amazing part is, you don’t need a bucket load full of courage in order to defeat fear. No, all that is needed is a teeny weeny bit of pluck.

Whenever fear tries to sneak it’s way in as I’m about to make a decision, I remind myself- “the worst reply I can get is ‘no'” and at the end of the day, ‘No’ is neither going to beat me nor harm me- it’s just another word that means ‘ah, next time’.
We tend to give rejection more power than it deserves and it shouldn’t be. It’s not like grade school where If we make a mistake, we get 5-10 whacks. Life is way lenient, we get no whacks and there are always other roads to follow when one closes, except if we aren’t looking.

The most courageous of people to me, are those who know they are ‘probably’ doomed before they begin a task, but yet they begin anyway. Chances are they may get licked, but a few times, they do make it. The keyword here is ‘probability’ and as I have been taught in mathematics, it means there is always a chance.
I’m going to end this by saying take that chance today and defeat fear. Just because you “may” be licked doesn’t mean you “will” be.

This is my submission to Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Silver Threading. See ya next time. 🙂

Unplanned period? Oh please, i’m prepared!

Unplanned period? Oh please, i’m prepared!

There are a lot of reasons why being a female is hard. I could actually write a whole long list as to it, but since I am limited to 1500 words for today, I’d pick one and say “period” or In the more formal term”menstruation”.

What I really mean is “impromptu menstruation“. If you are a female, then you know what I’m talking about; that moment when we’re out in public (putting on a white skirt) and then all of a sudden, the walls of our uterus decide to shed and bam, a red spot which gradually expands, appears on the skirt In public, for all to see. Yeah, getting stained in public is not a pretty experience at all. And if you haven’t experienced this, then I want to say you are one very lucky lady and hopefully you wouldn’t have to. But for those of us who have/had irregular periods, when the period decides not to come on the normally accepted 25-30 days, but instead it comes whenever it feels like without a regular pattern, then I sympathize with you and you are not alone.

Coming to this discussion, in my post on “how puberty did me wrong“, I talked about one experience of being stained in school (surrounded by a bunch of guys) and even though there are a whole lot more embarrassing stories of being stained in public ( irregular periods is not pretty), I’ll save them for next time. Instead, I want to talk about how to prepare oneself for impromptu periods. If you have ever had one of those embarrassing “public staining” experience, then I hope after reading this you wouldn’t have to.

So, how to avoid public embarrassment in relation to menstruation. In other words, must have Kit to effectively deal with impromptu menstruation.

1) The first on the list, which I’m sure a lot of you can guess is A SANITARY PAD. I would have suggested tampon, but l feel at that moment when you realize “oh boy, I think I’m on my period“, the easiest thing to do in that anxious state of mind is to put on a sanitary pad, and then (if you have a heavy flow) hurry home and deal with in the right way. So first on the list is a Sanitary pad. And the beauty about them is they can fit into even a small clutch, making them easy to carry around.

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