You are sufficient-

You are sufficient-


He is the sun,
Reflecting light from afar,
Pulling one and all towards him.

He is the sun,
A ginormous creation,
Even from a distance.

He is the sun,
But you-
my dear,
are the sky.
A vast entity of infinite
Atoms upon molecules;
A necessity,
In calm or adversity.

He is the sun,
But only for a while.
He maybe the sun,
You are the sky.
Come rain,
Come sunshine,
Your need never falls short.

Don’t let his shine,
Diminish your vast,
You- are sufficient.

The best things-

The best things-

They say good things don’t last forever,
But I believe the best things do,

Like the rising of the sun each day,
Reflecting it’s golden beams.

The moon each night unfailingly,
Illuminating night’s darkness.

The rise and fall of ocean waves,
Which never cease to occur.

This planet, 3 hundred and 65 days
Revolving around the sun,

Sending love through Rays and sunbeams,
Each day from dawn till dusk.

The stars in all of their beauty,
Shining gallantly in the sky,

Piercing through the darkened layers,
To comfort the moon at night;

They say good things don’t last forever,
They- who can’t comprehend our love,

If breathing is a necessity for life,
Then you- my dear, are my lungs.

In the present-

In the present-


I stood,
watching the sky beyond me,
fade to a brilliant violet hue.
Fade to a golden crimson colour,
In solitary fineness, I stood.

The birds-
I bet were wondering why,
I could tell from their hovering stance
Above, their noise but a minuscule
Compared to the view- I stood.

The beauty-
Early morn possesses,
At the start of summer every year,
Makes Autumn memory disappear,
Oh Lord, what blessing.

But Night,
Shall come and blanket,
The birds shall part for their nest,
Summer will eventually disappear,
So I stand… In the present.

The credit for the beautiful sunrise image above is courtesy of this blog these days of

I’d like to believe-

I’d like to believe-


I’d like to believe,
There is more to the night,
Than unending scenarios,
Playing loud in my mind.

And I’d like to believe,
At the first string of light,
Someone somewhere experiences,
The joy of being alive,
Even if I’m not that.

I’d like to believe,
At the depth of an abyss,
Lay a bout of sunshine,
Enough to spring someone out.

And I’d like to believe,
The future can be bright,
And rock bottom can only,
Keep me down for a while.

I’d like to believe,
I can build from what I am,
And my darkness will dissipate,
As night gives way to  daylight,
I have to believe that.

In Solitude-

In Solitude-


And when she couldn’t take it-
She sat with the mountains,
And swayed with the tree leaves;
She rocked with waves as,
They came crashing wildly.

And when in need of beauty-
She looked to the birds with
 Their wings, rising- retracting
She gazed at the stars forming,
Gems in the skyline.

And when the world confused her-
She listened intently,
To sounds made at moonlight;
She looked to the lambs,
Seeking solitude from humans.

And when the sun rises-
She looks to the daisies
Inhaling from the petals;
Choosing to see the beauty,
ignoring errs of humans.

And when she still can’t take it-
She sits with the mountains,
Fixing her gaze skyward.

Image courtesy of FAVIM

O- October…

O- October…


January came with a full blowing wind,
The desert weather had a bipolar streak.

And then rolled February, swiftly unhinged-
The heat rising at a reasonable degree.

March stormed on- with the leaves turning green,
Shading passers by from the scorching heat.

April was windy with sand storm about,
Blowing hats off; chilling the land.

May was a pleasure to no one at all;
Fifty degree Celsius brought on too much scorn.

June crawled in little did it help matters,
With temperature rising, it wore people off;

July- now that brought a feeling of ease,
And gratefulness seeing the weather settling.

August was awesome with rain pelting on-
Tho poor drainage system left puddles along.

September rekindled a lot of lost love;
The weather obeyed- with the peoples wants.

October- now that leaves me stumped for words,
Cause I left the desert, didn’t stay anymore.

I guess it’s safe to say my inspiration ink is running dry 😀 but get to letter Z I will. Onto P now!

Before The Light becomes blurred-

Before The Light becomes blurred-


A time will come,
When we’ll fade away-
Ashes to dust;
Bones to soil;
The sun will set,
Lands will be bare;
The earth will shake,
And man will fade.

It’s inevitable,
The collapse of our sun;
Till then all we’ve got,
Is it’s rising at dawn;
The chance to use up,
This light and it’s glow-
Do good; be good
Before the light becomes blurred.