Tedx: is coming to town!

Tedx: is coming to town!


       Hey guys, so I sort of really need your help. Tedx organization, which I’m sure most of you have come across; if you haven’t, it is an organization which provides a platform for individuals to share their ideas and stories for the benefit of others. Well, Tedx is coming to my university this August!

Yup, the form is out and in the open for the students. Here’s the problem, the topic is “Vision” and I am at a loss as to what “story/idea” I should talk about. At first, I thought about “Self esteem” because I feel like it’s basically the backbone to everything. We need self-esteem to build the courage, in order to take our visions places. I wanted to talk about building each other’s esteem and the importance of family in regards to it.

But now, I would love to know what other topics you feel I could talk about which is under the spectrum of “Vision”. Especially for those of my followers who have been reading my posts for a while now, what other topics do you think fit perfectly with me and vision. I would really appreciate your feedback.


Are we Free?

Are we Free?

Image courtesy: http://theartsentrepreneur.com/?p=750

We live in a bi-polar world,
With freedom ill defined;
They urge for you to speak your voice,
Yet shut you the moment it’s out.

They say you’re free to speak
From within-
The words burning deep in your skin;
So You spit them out expecting appease-
That moment, they break you
And your humanity.

“But freedom of speech is what we practice”-
Oh honey, they chew and sweeten their speech;
And try yes they will, to numb your ‘will’-
Your speech ends up just how they will;
Oh yes there’ll be expression,
Loads of them;
But the freedom in question?
Has gone in despair;
So you speak bulk of thoughts
But with a seasoned prisoned mind-
And the freedom you once had,
Had been lost in the wind.

Words will be said;
Thoughts expressed;
With lack of freedom-
Bare as stiff air.