For so long-

For so long-


We’ve been quiet for so long,
Swallowing our words,
Locking them with clenched teeth.
We bury the memories
(Try to anyway);
But they come roaring back,
Stronger, fiercer
Like the crashing waves at shore.

We’ve been quiet for so long,
Nodding our heads
With upturned lips, and our
Everything is great”
Bound by fear,
Enslaved by memories.

We’ve been quiet for so long,
At the cost of our sanity;
You and me afraid to utter
Yes, it did happen to me.
we swallow our words,
lock them with clenched teeth,
At the expense of our sanity,
And what has that achieved?
We’ve been quiet for too long…

Stigma shame-

Stigma shame-


How much longer,
Does my heart have to bleed?
How far should my tears fall,
For you to believe?

Should I bottle my teardrops
And save them in jars?
Would it make you believe,
I can’t help that I cry?

Should I cut across my wrist,
Till it bleeds out words;
For you to believe,
Depression is not a choice?

Do you need me to scream,
Till my larynx turns hoarse?
Do you need me to defend,
My mental status?

Should I carve out my diary
Words, etched into stone?
So the whole world can witness
the turmoil- between heart and soul?

Do you think I don’t miss her
The girl I used to be?
Or that some nights I don’t wonder
What on earth led me to this?

You shamed me with your stigma;
You shamed me with your words;
You claim to not- believe in depression,
Well then, I don’t- need your validation.

***Dear You, this poem is dedicated to you. <3***