E- Embracing me

E- Embracing me


I refuse, to
hide myself behind,
a self made wall of
An image of, satin
gowns on empty barrels,
Whose only action is
To agree without question.
To say yes in conformity,
And say no with the majority.

I refuse to,
Betray the brain matter
I have been created with.
A complex organ of sulci
And gyri,
An organ of comprehension,
Not repetition.

I refuse, to be
a machine of pants
And suits,
to betray my femininity,
and mould into,
What they think
Is best for me-

I choose to wear satin gowns,
with myopic glasses,
A functioning brain matter-
I choose to think.

This is a scheduled post. I travelled and wont be able to get back on until after I am settled. Take care and happy reading. 

What Not to say to someone going through weight change

What Not to say to someone going through weight change


I know I speak without filter sometimes, a perk of mine, and as I presume, many others as well. Needless to say, somethings shouldn’t require filter to not be said, common sense should suffice.

If you’ve ever gone through a weight change, either weight loss or weight gain, for whatever reason, then you’ve probably also been a victim of what I’m about to say.

It is so NOT COOL to greet anyone with the statement- you have lost/ gained weight. That is not a greeting; whatever happened to good morning, hi, or even hello. And when you do say it unintentionally (I’m giving the benefit of doubt here), please don’t utter those words as if you’re saying snort or something disgusting.

That being said, now to the main reason I am writing this post. To anyone who knows anyone who is going through a weight change, please (talking from experience here), one of the worst things you can say to them is- “you looked more beautiful before you lost/gained weight“. Because firstly, it is none of your business and secondly, it is none of your business.

You do not get to decide when a person does or does not look beautiful. You have no idea the reason behind the weight change or the effort put towards it. And also because by saying that, you’re endorsing the “ridiculousness” that beauty is measured in scales which is absurd in itself. 

I hope this doesn’t sound as one of those angst rant but rather something tangible. What are some of the worst things you’ve been told or heard, with regards to weight change? 

The above image is courtesy of Cranky fat feminist.

She was beauty-

She was beauty-


She tried to find the beauty,
People claim, in her they see;
That light which brightens hearts,
And set some souls ablaze;
She stared at her reflection,
With every waking dawn;
And spent the day dejected,
Cause the light, she never saw;
But the beauty was embedded,
In the window of her teeth;
In the way high voice rose high,
When she fluttered at her speech;
In the tightening of her lips,
When she hears of injustice;
In the widening of her eyes,
At the sound of Poetry;
She tried to find the beauty,
People claim in her they see-
In her soul, it was embedded
In every cell of her being.

The above image is courtesy of Breaking the silence

Picture perfect-

Picture perfect-


A phenomenon-
Of the twenty first century;
One of the many- innovations,
Cant wrap my head around it;
Picture perfect they say-
To certain things,
Of certain shape,
In the presence- of certain people;
A word-
Held to great esteem,
In the ears of the “perfect”;
And the rest- standing, fading
Grazed over, barely sighted
The “imperfect”-
Listening to pretty perfect
Proclaimed to others;
With none directed at them.

But oh the cliché-
“Picture perfect” they say;
If only the knew,
Is nothing but a vague word-
All letters, little meaning.

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Beauty in “10”

Beauty in “10”


        I was set a task by a wonderful fellow blogger, Prakash, to write ten sentences on “Beauty” and each consisting of six words. The moment I saw the task, I loved it because it is a beautiful gesture. It is about time for us to spread the word about what we sincerely believe beauty is (or isn’t). I was inspired by Prakash’s own ten sentences which was really beautiful, and here is mine. 

Beauty’s the smile a child makes.
            Beauty’s the sun as it awakens.
Beauty’s kindness written on a face.
            Beauty’s the ocean making it’s waves.
Beauty is nature, beauty’s all about.

Beauty isn’t measured by a scale.
             Beauty hasn’t class, make or race.
Beauty isn’t fixed to status quo.
             Beauty is in every living soul.
            And sometimes…
Beauty is just a beautiful word.

And now, to share my favorite quote on beauty. To be honest, I don’t know a lot of beauty quotes and so I had to google it. But here is the quote I most connected with:

” Pretty can turn heads, but Beauty? Beauty can change the world.
Pretty is what you are, but beauty is what you do with it.
Pretty can lift spirits, beauty makes them soar.”

So here it is, TASK: write ten sentences on “Beauty” and each sentence is to have “six words” one of which must be “beauty” and end the post with a favorite quote on “beauty“. Also to nominate your friends to participate and spread the “virus“. As a medical student, the word “virus” is akin to “worry” but this challenge is one virus that is pleasing to me :). This time I nominate, every single one of my followers, spread the virus of what beauty REALLY means.

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