O- October…

O- October…


January came with a full blowing wind,
The desert weather had a bipolar streak.

And then rolled February, swiftly unhinged-
The heat rising at a reasonable degree.

March stormed on- with the leaves turning green,
Shading passers by from the scorching heat.

April was windy with sand storm about,
Blowing hats off; chilling the land.

May was a pleasure to no one at all;
Fifty degree Celsius brought on too much scorn.

June crawled in little did it help matters,
With temperature rising, it wore people off;

July- now that brought a feeling of ease,
And gratefulness seeing the weather settling.

August was awesome with rain pelting on-
Tho poor drainage system left puddles along.

September rekindled a lot of lost love;
The weather obeyed- with the peoples wants.

October- now that leaves me stumped for words,
Cause I left the desert, didn’t stay anymore.

I guess it’s safe to say my inspiration ink is running dry 😀 but get to letter Z I will. Onto P now!