Flash Fiction: Kiara

Flash Fiction: Kiara


The water moves with a speed akin to that of dogs chasing after squirrels, it rushes towards the rocks. Rises with vehement force into ginormous waves and then, collapses all at once with a turbulent sound- that’s on a cold stormy day.
During the Summer, the rays of the sun reflects on the cerulean sea with its low tides, swaying in a slow rhythmic fashion.

The isolated fortress located at the center of Norman’s island (a place rarely visited) was Kiara’s home for six years and 277 days now. Silence and loneliness were the backbone towards her friendship with the sea- she had become at master at the language of water.

She was the sole survivor of a ship wreck and had sought refuge in the fortress, that was the last time her pale feet graced the grassy outside of the building’s four walls. But yet, she hoped, someday, HE would set her free. The price of being rescued couldn’t be that expensive, could it?

word count: 165. This story is In response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. We get a photo every week and then wrote a 150-175 word story on it. To read more or even participate, clink on the highlighted link above.  Thank you TJ Paris for such an astounding picture.