Writer’s Quote: Daphne Du Maurier

Writer’s Quote: Daphne Du Maurier


I was talking to an old friend today and explained how I wanted a two weeks break from school and stress without having to make any plans or be compelled to visit anyone. Just me, with my girls and our books and cups of tea, chilling, relaxing and watching episodes of criminal minds. He didn’t get it.

There is a certain contentment, an aura of calmness, when you’re with the ones you love and doing what you love to do- reading and writing; many people I have come across don’t understand it, but the truth is, it is NOT for them to understand. We’re happy, relaxed and for a few days, enjoying the silence, isn’t that all that matters. They assume it is a boring life, but actually, there is nothing more interesting than being with like minded people, surrounded by books and stories with amazing characters or challenging one’s self creatively.

Happiness isn’t defined by luxury, it is a state of mind- whether in a glass house or in wooden one. I once read, a few years back that Poets are sad people. For a while I believed it; but now I’ve come to realize just because some write-ups are fueled by sad emotions doesn’t mean ‘current sadness”. Writing it out is just like crying, letting the negativity out in order to create space for the happiness yet to come, and to me that’s not being sad; that’s dealing with life.

Cheers to everyone who enjoys reading and writing either in luxury or simplicity. This world is big enough for both categories.

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