And Nobody knew…

And Nobody knew…


This is a story
I have never told;
There was a little girl,
She was eight years old;
Alone in the backyard,
Acting a play or so;
Unaware of the stalker,
Hiding in plain clothes.

And he came;
And she smiled;
And he asked-
“Can I help you find?”
And naive-
She replied,
“I need broken shards”

And the next,
Thing she knew-
He had forced her
To the grove;
And his tongue
Down her throat,
The little girl helpless
On her own.

But her Lord-
Oh, he never fails;
Sent her sister
to her aid;
Sister came-
Stalker was gone;
Sister never knew-
What happened along.

Little girl,
felt relieved;
Didn’t understand
What stalker did.
But the lady,
Little girl grew into-
Distraught by memories of,
The boy in the grove.