Flash Fiction: The hike

Flash Fiction: The hike


Are we there yet?”, Jamie’s voice shot up.
Not yet honey, we only just began like five minutes ago”. His mother replied.

A few steps up the rocky hill, Andrea’s voice shot up,
We there yet?”
“No love, still got some way to climb, okay?” The mother replied as patiently as she could get her voice to sound.

Five minutes passed in peace with only their crunching footsteps disturbing the sound of Mother Nature when Aaliyah spoke up,

Their mother paused in her tracks and faced Aaliyah with such an intense look, little Aaliyah cowered, her gaze downwards and muttered,
“I only wanted to know if I may have some water please.”

Laughter erupted from both Andrea and Jamie because they were pretty sure that wasn’t reason. But as long as mama was consoled, they kept their mouth shut.

Their mother sighed, beginning to regret ever offering to take them on a hiking trip. She placed her hands on her barely visible bump and said,
You, better behave once you come out.”

Word count: 173. The above story is in response to flash fiction for aspiring writers  photo prompt challenge, where each week we are provided with an image and are to write a 75-175 word story in it. Thank you @Pamela S. Canepa for this week’s photo.

A Mother’s Will

A Mother’s Will


Your mama was a strong woman,
She held down every force-
Reckoned it back with words so strong,
That males fell down in awe.

Your mother was so spirited,
It showed in every way-
She’d strut and speak with such passion,
All the crowds turn gay.

And so little girl, it’s always been
Your mama against the world-
But she didn’t care, her head up high-
She thwarted every thorn.

And when asked ‘why do you do that?’
She’d answer back and smile-
So my daughter can proudly say-
“My mama is a strong woman”
“I want to be like her”