A writer to another-

A writer to another-


You have your love,
I have my darkness,

You pour your heart,
I divulge my soul,

You have your lover,
I have my black dog,

You write of the future,
I disdain my past.

You write of rainbows,
I write of dark clouds

You write in free verse,
I drown in rhymes,

You are a writer,
I write in hiding,

When you’ll write of heartbreaks,
I’ll write of hope.

You bloom under sunbeams,
I strengthen with lightning,

Our swords are the same
Just not our pattern of fighting,

When my clouds dissipates
And you, darkness visits

Here are my words,
To keep you company.

You have your love,
I have my darkness,

We both need each other,
In a world that keeps changing.

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My words-

My words-


It’s the only thing I have
To offer,
Guard it, safe under your
Pillow at night,
That I may know,
The demons which
Haunt me
Taunt me
Compel me
To put into words all that
I can’t handle,
Are away from the one thing
I can call my own-
my words.

Read it,
So that I may know,
Though miles apart,
You see the pages,
Filled with lines
Of the truth and pain,
With which each letter
Is strung,
And you know,
These papers,
Aren’t just filled with words,
But a map of my journey,
Thus far on earth.

Cherish it,
Like you would the heart
Of a friend,
And remember-
Etched in the words,
Are pieces of my heart,
Which I am bestowing,
To no one else,
But- you.

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Not a writer-

Not a writer-


To the one who reads my poems and praises them behind my back. I heard all about you today. No names were mentioned, but, it had to be you. We haven’t spoken in forever, we used to talk everyday, remember?  I hear you want to know how, I’m sorry but there Is no how… I just read and write. I know, it might not make much sense to you, it doesn’t make much sense to me either. I’m not a writer… I just write.

You made my day, and through this blabbering, that’s all I really want to say. I know you didn’t say it to my face, maybe you couldn’t. Why? Is a question for another day. For now, all I have to say is thank you.

You may not read this… I hope you do.

A letter to ‘the voice inside my head’

A letter to ‘the voice inside my head’

Dear Mind,
I tried shutting you off for a long time, it worked but then, you kept coming back. Finally, I have given into your demands. You want me to finish what I started, fine! I’ll prove you wrong. And No, this time it’s going to be different. Not like the last three times I started writing a book and didn’t go through with it. This time, I’m going to finish what I started.

And you know what, it’s not about writing a perfect book, it’s more about practice. The art of writing every single day (okay, every week), pushing myself to post a new story no matter how bad you make me think it is. Experimenting with new techniques, description, narration, letter writing, dialogues and just to keep getting better.

By the way, I did finish the Writing 101 course. Now that I think about it, that was what motivated me to complete the story I started. And although you didn’t mince your words in reminding me time and time again how bad the storyline of ‘a Glimpse of Summer’ is- and even though I was temped to give up, I didn’t. Because dear mind, even you do not know the extent of my writing.

And so, I’m going to keep on writing badly till I get good at it. You may mock me, you may increase the volume of your screams but it won’t stop me, not anymore. There’s not a bone of doubt in me that my love for writing screams louder than any of your disbeliefs in me. Listening to that passion within me has been the greatest gift.

This is it; The end of a long tumultuous relationship with you dear mind. Unless the mumble that comes out of you screams confidence, I’m afraid we’ll have to part ways. Goodbye for now… It’s time to give in to my passion.

In Response to the Writing hub Challenge: Write a letter to yourself reflecting on who you are as a writer.