Two lives-
Aren’t they always?

Hanging down,
Single thread-
Barely surviving.

Letting go,
Crashing down-
No one to catch it.

Getting up,
Kicking dust-
Rising asunder.

Single thread,
Meddled with-
dust and it glimmers.

Broken hearts,
Leave more cracks-
For rays to shine in.

Like meddled thread,
It glimmers on-
Really surviving.

The Hearts that keep on Loving-

The Hearts that keep on Loving-


They always leave,
Don’t they?
They say they won’t-
Make promises too.

And we believe it,
Don’t we?
Heart and all-
With every cell in our bone.

And we go on,
Being the heart-
That just keeps on loving.

And we weep,
One day-
Cause they’re gone,
long since.

Another one arrives
And we?
But we love-
oh, yet again.

And though times-
have changed;
Some, like us
Are the still the same.

We can’t help,
But keep on loving;
Being the heart-
That just keeps on loving.

It’s clicked to me that there are some people who are what I call ‘lovers’. Despite it all, heart breaks, broken friendships, disheveled families- they still keep on loving. Treating every new friendship or relationship as if they have never been broken. If I am lucky enough that any of these beautiful souls are reading this, then this poem is for you guys- ‘The hearts that just keep on loving