Writer’s Quote-

Writer’s Quote-


How many times have we thought of stories to write and then let them slip away all because of the tiny voice in our head screaming ‘no, that’s too silly’? I personally can’t count the number of times I have let an idea go because I thought they wouldn’t work. But here’s the thing, how do we know they won’t work if we don’t even try it? How do we know they are indeed ‘silly’ if we don’t at least write it? We owe it to ourselves to give the ideas a chance, they aren’t going to write themselves. And even the most ridiculous thought written down is a million times better than the well-thought story left unwritten.

Just Imagine a world without Emily Dickinson or William Wordsworth’s poetry because they thought their wordings weren’t good enough; actually, I can’t even imagine. And How many worrible first drafts turned into best-selling finished products? Tens and hundreds. If you could take something after reading this post, I hope it is that, “even the silliest ideas and thoughts are worth being written” . Looking forward to reading your “out of this world” post and stories.

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