On Life-

On Life-


You say I haven’t seen life,
But I’ve seen and heard it clear

The loneliness we experience,
Embedded in its “L”

The impact of words of ignorant,
Hidden from all in “I”

The fear of future holding us,
Tied up in letter “F”

And in “E” are the experiences,
Which haunt our memories.

You see, though I’m not wrinkled,
And got years till grey hairs;

I’ve seen life through my lenses,
Cause everyone’s view differs.

The above Image is courtesy of Favim.com

S- Someday,

S- Someday,


Someday, she knows-
She’d wake up at dawn;
Shrug her shoulders,
And find the smile
That’s been hiding.
And someday she knows,
The sun will shine
And she’ll feel pretty good;
And someday she knows,
She feels it in her bones-
She’d stare at the mirror,
Proclaiming- so long old soul.
And run her fingers,
Through the depth of the sea;
And race through the mountains,
Forgetting every single thing.

That day is not today,
She also knows undoubtedly;
But someday maybe tomorrow
And that’s all she needs.
One more day of hope she whispers-
Laying to sleep.