Safe haven-

Safe haven-


If you are a lover of rainbows,
A dreamer when the sun is about,
A reader whilst the crowd is gathering,
For worldly pleasures and fun.

A foodie when your mind is spinning,
A sleeper whilst the shadow is around,
A prayer unknots from your tongue on,
the days when the hours seem long.

If you know you are normal,
But have been called weird,
If you are a dreamer,
But have been named belle,
If you are religious,
But have been called prude,
If you love the written,
But have been called nerd.

Welcome to my world,
Of papers and words,
A safe haven for dreamers,
With no need to conform.

I- I am I

I- I am I


Have you ever experienced hate,
He asks.

Hate is all I see around,
First for my genes-
For defying the rules,
That schools and books,
Are for one gender group.

Then for this skin,
In which I strut around,
Unhindered by words,
Unreeled by looks,

The scarf on my head,
Hits the trifecta mark.
Judged for the manner
I worship my Lord.

He asks if I’ve seen hate,
It’s all I see around;
I say (to them)-
If you can be you,
Why can’t I be I.

And I wonder-

And I wonder-


And I wonder,
If the seas,
Ever wish,
They could be me,
Free to wander,
Farther than the shore,
Unattached to the moon,
And it’s pull at dusk,

And I wonder,
If the moon at times,
Gazed at me in awe,
Dreaming up
a life
Without binds to the sun,
Free to live and shine,
Without needing a source.

And I wonder,
If the women across,
Sullen eyed,
With faces white,
Ever wonder,
What life would be like
Without a child to cater for,
Free to live and travel,
At the whim of desire.

And I wonder,
If the slates were cleaned,
And the freedom was of my choice,
Would I choose to be bound,
To be needed and need,
Would I choose my life
Or theirs..

Mental Health Friday #17

Mental Health Friday #17


“When I moved into my new room at the sober women’s house on July 2, 2012, I was mandated to attend thirty A.A. meetings in thirty days, without exception. It had already begun that people in the program were treating me differently although I did not know why at the time. I felt uncomfortable going to the meetings, in addition to the fact that being forced to go made it difficult with my defiance issues. I have never been in a detox or any other facility where I was told what to do. John went to the meetings with me and I now found it very difficult to sit through the hour meeting now that it was mandated as opposed to being my own choice.”

The above is an excerpt from my last post here.

During the next couple of months, my mind was a whirlwind. It was overwhelming to feel free and on my own. I spent a lot of time talking to my friend Kay at the sober house and talking with John. As I mentioned, he went to the thirty meetings in thirty days with me. To get a slip signed saying I was there, I had to sit through the entire meeting.

One evening, we were at a meeting and I was having an extremely hard time sitting still. At break time, I was about to walk away and give it up when a man I had never met before came outside and sat with me. His name was also John and he talked to me and gave me the hope I needed to go back in. If not for this man who at the time had thirty days of sobriety, I would have walked away at that moment. I thank him for that.

A few days after I had moved out, my ex-husband told me that he was going to have to cancel my health insurance, but that he would wait until I had gotten my own. I knew he was not going to wait. I made the decision to wean myself off of my meds before my ins. was cancelled. It took two months for me to do this. On Aug 29, 2012, my then husband called to tell me that my insurance would be cancelled the next day. If I had not weaned myself off of the medications, I would have ended up in the hospital.

Going to my home group of A.A. became miserable for me. Some people in my group would not look at me and the ones who did insulted me. I didn’t know this at the start, but my ex-husband was telling people that I was manic and out of control. He was also telling people about my eating and sleeping issues. Every Friday, when I went to my home group, I was questioned on my weight. I had been 170 pounds, 40 pounds overweight, due to bloating from the medications and when I stopped them, the bloating had gone away and it was very noticeable. At first people told me I looked good, but one week they simply started to say I was too skinny, that I looked sick. They wanted to know if I was eating and sleeping. I do not go to A.A. meetings for eating.

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Flash Fiction: Regained Freedom

Flash Fiction: Regained Freedom


A loud rumbling sound followed by lighting, cracked across the sky. A few years ago, Laurie would have shivered at the sound and under no circumstances, laid a foot outside of her home. Today, as the cab trailed across the wet gravel roads, she sat unfazed. Living with a human who turns you into a punching bag tends to do that to a person.

For a moment, her vision was completely clouded- a mixture of the streaming drops on the widow pane and the water pool in her eyes. A flicker of doubt crossed her mind; one feel at the bandages wrapped around her knuckles was enough to remind her she made the right decision. The broken jaw she left him with was little solace, but she had had enough.

Throwing her head back on the head-rest, Laurie decided she’d wasted enough years on the fool to add another minute. She steered her thoughts to more important topics, like, choosing a flavor of ice cream to celebrate her regained freedom.

word count: 170 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. Thank you Priceless Joy for this week’s creative picture. Click on the highlighted link above to participate or to simply read some amazing flash fictions, the more the merrier.

Acrostic: Butterfly

Acrostic: Butterfly


Break away- oh little one,
Unto the sky, to see the world;
Taste the pollens on rose buds,
Trust in your wings, to take you there;
Embrace the beauty you’ve become,
Rock your wings, unto safe haven;
Follow the path less taken, 
Lest you be caught- in a web of sly;
You trust in your wings, you’ll make it.

In response to Writing201 Poetry assignment 3. The prompt is “Truth” written in the form of an “Acrostic” with an internal rhyme.

Are we Free?

Are we Free?

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We live in a bi-polar world,
With freedom ill defined;
They urge for you to speak your voice,
Yet shut you the moment it’s out.

They say you’re free to speak
From within-
The words burning deep in your skin;
So You spit them out expecting appease-
That moment, they break you
And your humanity.

“But freedom of speech is what we practice”-
Oh honey, they chew and sweeten their speech;
And try yes they will, to numb your ‘will’-
Your speech ends up just how they will;
Oh yes there’ll be expression,
Loads of them;
But the freedom in question?
Has gone in despair;
So you speak bulk of thoughts
But with a seasoned prisoned mind-
And the freedom you once had,
Had been lost in the wind.

Words will be said;
Thoughts expressed;
With lack of freedom-
Bare as stiff air.