Flash Fiction: In the moment

Flash Fiction: In the moment


D.I Lucy was led through a snow-covered narrow pathway which led to the penthouse’s door. Both sides were bordered by a variety of flowers consisting of chrysanthemums, oleanders; those were the only two she could identify under the blanket of ice which formed thorny cushions on the plants.

One in particular caught her gaze. Slowing her pace, she tried to place the flower in her mind. What was it called again?

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
D.I Lucy’s thoughts were interrupted by her guide who wasn’t much of a talker, which suited Lucy just fine.
“I noticed you staring at that flower a little longer“.

D.I Lucy managed a weak smile in return as they arrived the house door, making a mental note to check out the guide later on- she was observant. D.I Lucy made three sharp knocks on the door, bracing herself for the worst part of her job- breaking bad news.

Word count: 154 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction for aspiring writers photo prompt challenge where each week we are given a picture and are to write a 75-175 word story surrounding it. Thank you very much @loniangraphics for this week’s photo.

Flash Fiction: Evil eye…

Flash Fiction: Evil eye…


“Hey, that’s enough”, he screamed.
Apparently, I’d been staring at the sunflowers for so long I might as well cast an evil eye on them.
“But they are so pretty”, I retorted. He came and stood between the flowers and I which was preposterous comsidering I towered over him in height.

“I am Sara by the way”. I said
“And I’m Amir. Please lower your gaze.. evil eye”. He pleaded, seeing as I wasn’t budging.
“Okay, okay”, I backed down.

Amir had sterling gray eyes with scruffy blonde hair, of which a few strands fell over his forehead. He wore plaid shirt and grey shorts which were pulled up to his navel. He looked like a cartoon character but in an appealing way.

Want to be friends?” I asked.
“sure” he replied after a pause, “as long as you don’t stare at me the way you do those flowers”
We both laughed.
“first things first though”, I remarked looking him over, “we need to lower those shorts to your waist for starters”.

word count: 173 words. *this is an edited version of the original piece I posted a while ago, I didn’t like how it turned out so I tweaked it a bit. Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting this challenge and helping us to practice writing.* This post is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. 

In Solitude-

In Solitude-


And when she couldn’t take it-
She sat with the mountains,
And swayed with the tree leaves;
She rocked with waves as,
They came crashing wildly.

And when in need of beauty-
She looked to the birds with
 Their wings, rising- retracting
She gazed at the stars forming,
Gems in the skyline.

And when the world confused her-
She listened intently,
To sounds made at moonlight;
She looked to the lambs,
Seeking solitude from humans.

And when the sun rises-
She looks to the daisies
Inhaling from the petals;
Choosing to see the beauty,
ignoring errs of humans.

And when she still can’t take it-
She sits with the mountains,
Fixing her gaze skyward.

Image courtesy of FAVIM