Resolution, Reflection

Resolution, Reflection

Looking back on the past few years now, I’ve come to the realization that with each year for me, it’s a downward spiral and sometimes with a corkscrew pattern except for 2014. That was a roller coaster, it sunk deep but in the end rose high. The year 2012 was bad, 2013 was worse and 2014 well, it was hopelessly awesome. The first half I was hopeless and the other half has been an incredible journey, so yeah, it was hopelessly awesome.

My resolution track record has not been good. Last year, I quit the gym by the end of February 😀 . Two months is something right. In 2013, the book I was meant to finish writing was left dead midway with the death of my hard drive. I learnt one thing though, always keep an extra copy or file. When it comes to saving written works, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

I rung the new year alone in my apartment, gazing from the balcony at the beautiful fireworks blazing. Perks of living on the top floor is you get to have a great view. Here in Sudan, it is a double celebration because January 1st also marks their Independence Day. I have never been able to stick to a certain task or thing, I am single so go figure (just kidding) . But really, I never stick to things so making a resolution is not going to work for me. Still, I decided to make a List:

1) Go to the gym at least three times a week.
2) Stop getting on my sister’s nerves.
3) Quit procrastination.
4) Trade my Enid Blyton books for adult novels.
5) write In my journal everyday.

And these are the resolutions that I know are NOT going to work. I hate the gym, I feel it’s my job to disturb my sister; quitting procrastination ehh, I’m not there yet, maybe reducing it; I get tired of writing and as for Enid Blyton, maybe next year.

With or without resolution, the past months I have learnt:


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