Are we Free?

Are we Free?

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We live in a bi-polar world,
With freedom ill defined;
They urge for you to speak your voice,
Yet shut you the moment it’s out.

They say you’re free to speak
From within-
The words burning deep in your skin;
So You spit them out expecting appease-
That moment, they break you
And your humanity.

“But freedom of speech is what we practice”-
Oh honey, they chew and sweeten their speech;
And try yes they will, to numb your ‘will’-
Your speech ends up just how they will;
Oh yes there’ll be expression,
Loads of them;
But the freedom in question?
Has gone in despair;
So you speak bulk of thoughts
But with a seasoned prisoned mind-
And the freedom you once had,
Had been lost in the wind.

Words will be said;
Thoughts expressed;
With lack of freedom-
Bare as stiff air.