Living in the shadows-

Living in the shadows-


For the ones who love
Living amongst shadows;
A life behind the scenes.
Those whose sole desires,
Lie with creating magic
For the world, without
The spotlight
That comes with it.

For the ones
whose names are enough
Who want to stroll the street,
Without a crowd,
Trailing behind them;
Those for whom its enough
To know
Their words are heard,
Their words are read,
Their magic is felt by others.

For those whose desire,
To vomit creativity,
Is in no way marred,
By the yearn of acknowledgement,
Or the pressure to conform.

Award: 7 facts about me

Award: 7 facts about me

Here we go again… Alright so, seven facts about me:

1) I have watched the series “Nikita” so much that I already know the dialogue by heart. Same goes for 3 idiots and chak de India and they are in Hindi 😀

2) Lived in my apartment for eight months now and I’ve only switched on the TV twice.

3) Flowers and Flour make me swoon, (go figure) 😉

4) I started university at the age of fifteen.

5) Not sure how I’ll survive without coffee.

6) my favorite chore is ironing, there is just something so relaxing about it.

7) I love Fridays! It’s my only day off from school too.
I got nominated by a fellow Big Bang theory fan and an amazing writer, and blogger for the creative bloggers award. Thank you Prakash.
And, two wonderful and versatile bloggers nominated me for the Versatile blogger award. Mutafariq khayalat who writes really amazing poetry and Noirfifre who blogs about historical facts in an interesting manner. Thank you very much.

Some of the people I am going to nominate host award free blogs but I just couldn’t help but highlight their amazing blogs. Rather than a nomination, this is me saying thank you to them for sharing their creative and versatile works.

1) PricelessJoy hosts an award free blog where she posts stories, flash fiction and photography. She is one of the reasons I write stories more often now due to her encouragement and also just seeing how her writing has transformed from then to now is amazing.

2) my second nominee is JoyRoses whose blog houses a variety of wonderful posts ranging from family stories, to fictions to some incredible quotes. And they are sure to make you laugh.

3) Mandibelle, whose stories have such a creative and imaginative backbone to them. And she also blogs about a variety of topics including poetry, personal posts and product reviews as well.

4) SweetyKannoth whose poetry leaves you wanting more. Need I say more.

Agh, there are so many people I’ld love to nominate but I see they have already been nominated. But still, you can choose to accept either the versatile or creative blogger award or even both it’s up to you. And to my followers who have already been nominated by Prakash and Mutafariq, congratulations!

For the RULES, all you have to do is write 5-7 random facts about yourself and spread the love (nomination) to other creative and versatile bloggers as well.

Blog Tour Award: on Creative Process

Blog Tour Award: on Creative Process


I was nominated by the wonderful Ruth whose poetry blog is hosted at I-read for the blog tour award in which I have to answer four questions about my creative writing process. Let’s hope this post doesn’t bore you ;). And thank you so much for this Ruth.


Pass the tour on up to four other bloggers.

Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.

Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do.

Compose a one-time post on a specific Monday (date given from your nominator).

At the moment, I am taking things one day at a time. No personal deadlines or goals, and I must say, that is the best decision I ever made. I’m focusing on writing for myself but at the same time, improving with every story/poem. I am slowly shifting out of my comfort zone by writing and sharing stories which is a big deal for me. And just balancing it all with the work load of school. So even though I’m not working on a specific thing at the moment, I feel like, my plate is (almost) full.

Em, okay this is a hard one. When it comes to stories, most (if not all) of my fiction are actually based on true life events in one way or the other. I see things and interpret them in my one words and views, which is what I term realistically tragic. My poetry, on the other hand, I’d say is a circle. The last part of my poems are usually wrap-ups to the first part- so you find the beginning meshes in the end. How it differs with others? I’m not so sure, but I believe no two writers are the same so that in it self makes it different.

This is a question I have asked myself time and time again. In fact, for those of you who have been following this blog for quite a while now, you’d recall that there are a number of poems I wrote solely on the question “why do I write?” And the truth is, I’m still searching for the answer. So to simply put it, I think for now, I write because I know nothing better; I write because writing and happiness go hand in hand for me. The paper is the one true friend that would always listen to my jumbles, with no perks and no judgement. And that I think is part of why I write. And honestly, to me, writing is not a “want”, it’s something that I “need” to do; writing has never been an option, it’s a necessity.

I am inspired most times by “harsh reality”. The emotions of others are usually what spur my writing. I can be sitting in class and hear a few words spoken by others, and that’d be my inspiration. Or I could be walking on the street and see a couple fighting or a girl crying or just any kind of emotion (or lack) and that spurs my writing. The words begin to form and I just have to let them down in writing. I don’t have a specific time for writing, it doesn’t work for me that way. But sometimes when I seem to have a block, I force and push myself to write something. I stare at the pad screen and slowly I begin to fill it up with words. I like to think that sometimes our brains need a little push as well.

Now, I NOMINATE *drumrolls*
As I have been labelled “rule breaker” by a dear blogger friend of mine here, I figured well, why not break another rule. And also, I realise a lot of my followers host “award free blogs” so instead- I nominate every single one of you who has the time, to please accept this award. Oh yes, the Monday for submission is March 23. Can’t wait to read what tickles your creative bone 🙂

The Best Obsession

The Best Obsession


It is an obsession- this writing
The best obsession there is;
Cause without it- this writing
Without it, I’m just real

But with it, this writing-
With it, I can soar over seas,
I can break through mountains;
With it, I become surreal.

Some may ask- this question
What’s the point of all this?
I say writing takes me places
Of which I could only dream.

In the end it comes right back to-
this obsession, this writing; i need
This chance to live out my dream.

Day 6: The Lady In Black

Day 6: The Lady In Black

Today’s writing prompt is ‘character building’; it is the hardest assignment to me so far because description is one of my weak points. But as they say, practice makes perfect, so here goes:

Coffee in hand, she roams the street
Cares on her sleeve- she sips, she blinks
Looks to me, then turns away
The lady In black- but a mystery

Never a hello, nor a goodbye
Walks with the world beneath her feet
The men agape- in love they say,
The dark haired lady- sways away

Oh but a mystery- she is,
Cold stares but i caught- within the blink
A story to tell, I think they yearn-
The red lipped lady, never speaks.