Lets talk-

Lets talk-


Lets talk about the little girl,
On her way back from school,
Whose stars were grasped
from the future and squashed;
Whose fire was doused without
Reaching its peak;
Whose spotlight was dimmed,
Whilst her stage was just being

Lets talk about how poets
Have a duty to uphold;
To speak out for the young one
Whose future was stolen,
A bundle of innocence:
Robbed by those who know better,
Robbed by those who are part of us
A society to be held accountable.

Lets talk about the future,
In the words that we string along,
How to make a haven where,
Children can walk;
For the streets are made up
Of mere stone and rock,
Its we (humans) who make it,
Unsafe for all.
lets try to do better.
Lets try to be better…

And Nobody knew…

And Nobody knew…


This is a story
I have never told;
There was a little girl,
She was eight years old;
Alone in the backyard,
Acting a play or so;
Unaware of the stalker,
Hiding in plain clothes.

And he came;
And she smiled;
And he asked-
“Can I help you find?”
And naive-
She replied,
“I need broken shards”

And the next,
Thing she knew-
He had forced her
To the grove;
And his tongue
Down her throat,
The little girl helpless
On her own.

But her Lord-
Oh, he never fails;
Sent her sister
to her aid;
Sister came-
Stalker was gone;
Sister never knew-
What happened along.

Little girl,
felt relieved;
Didn’t understand
What stalker did.
But the lady,
Little girl grew into-
Distraught by memories of,
The boy in the grove.