Writer’s Quote: On Defeats & Victories

Writer’s Quote: On Defeats & Victories


The theme for this week’s writers quote Wednesday writing challenge is “strength” and for it, I chose to share a quote by a poet whose works I admire, enjoy and gain inspiration from- Charles Bukowski. Below, is a poem I wrote inspired by the quote.

It’s like this-
Some nights,
All you can do is
Curl up under sheets
With a burning lump
Stuck in your throat
Of all the things
You shoulda said-
But didn’t.

Your cheeks
Stained with droplets
And the darkness
Offering little comfort,
in self pity- you are,
At the what ifs,
And the could have beens.

These are the days,
we focus on our defeats.

But the sun,
It’ll rise again as it does,
And golden rays,
Will stream at the break of dawn.
And just as the darkness
I hope you keep last night
Where it belongs-
the past;
You may wallow at times,
At your defeat
But do remember- defeats
Are what make up victories.