Humility In Failure

Humility In Failure


         You know those censored words that aren’t allowed on TV, yeah well, I had a boat load of them in my head to describe the gruesome exam I wrote yesterday. It was that bad. During the exam, I almost blurted out ‘how on earth do you expect us to know?’ to some ridiculous questions. Scanning through the questions, my reaction was basically “seriously…


           It was a nerve wrecking day. I was disappointed; at myself and also at the questions too. I had been preparing for the exam for over a month and to walk out of the hall unsure of my result fate, it was downing. And then, I remembered this quote:
                “During hard times, patience is rewarding
                 During good times, gratitude is rewarding…. There’s no loss in life”

           Medical school has not been easy. But each time I write an exam, I come out feeling i did my best, knowing I passed the test. So when people complained that theirs was hard or confusing or just ridiculous, I didn’t get it. Of course I sympathized with them and all, but the truth is I had no idea what they were going through. Now I know how it hurts to read your ass off and then go to the examination room, see the question and feel foolish.

         In a way, it’s humbled me. I wont judge anyone for not doing well in an exam- lord knows what they went through while reading. I figured I could sit on the bed, cry, call my mum, complain and then comfort eat (which I almost did). Or I could take this as one of those tests in life, keep calm, have faith and just see what happens. So there is the fear of what if I fail; but heres the thing, what if I pass. And even if the results isn’t what I had hoped, it’s not the end of the world.

           It’s not going to be easy, I know that- to accept what faith throws at us with humility and stand without breaking; it’s going to be hard, but we’ll make it. And if you don’t think you can rise from failure, just remember- Oprah was fired from her job as a news anchor because they said ‘she wasn’t fit for TV’ and now, she’s the frigging Queen. That should motivate you. 

        In the meantime, always remember failure is just another stepping stone to success. 

                                How do you cope with failure?

Embracing Our Ambitions

Embracing Our Ambitions


We live in a generation where every single thing we do and say, even the littlest detail is scrutinized and criticized. Thus, making it easier for people to wall up and avoid their true calling and way harder to follow the path that they should be taking.

I remember when I first started to write poetry, it was in high school, and where I come from, they don’t get it. Anything that deviates from the traditional “medicine, accounting or engineering” gets a whole lot of resistance. And when you write, you instantly become one with your work, and it hurts when people don’t get it.

But here’s the thing, it shouldn’t matter what they say. I know it does matter, but it shouldn’t. Those people trying to diminish your spirit arent going to live your life for you. It’s your life to live, it’s your mistake to make and it’s your path to choose. If painting is what you love to do, then my dears, paint your hands off. If cooking is your passion, then set the kitchen on fire ( not literally though). The point is, there’s going to be resistance anyway, so just do what you would be happy the rest of your life doing.

It will be ridiculous of me to say it is easy, cause it’s not. There’s going to be people who’d hate what you do along the way, and you just gotta have a thick skin. Words would hurt but you don’t let it show, because the bigger picture is all that matters in the end.

So my dears, pick up those paint brushes, or the clay pot mix, or a pen and paper- whatever it is, block the world out and just do it. You really never know until you try and embrace it wholeheartedly. And remember, we owe it to ourselves to at least give it our all.

Here’s a little quote to sleep on: Don’t allow the world to define your greatness for most of this world is blind.