About Me

Hello there,
My name is Ameena and welcome to my blog. Since it’s an “about me” page, I guess i’ld have to succumb and give you guys at least something about myself.
Alright then, I am 21 years old and in my final year of medical school; my mornings begin with prayer then a cup of coffee and all kinds of teas (without sugar of course) are part of my weakness. I am passionate about women’s rights and mental Illness as you’d see from my works.

This blog contains poems and more recently prose I have written within the past three years. If you are broken, hurting, grieving, in a relationship with rock bottom, then you are in the right place because a lot of my poems centre around these issues. I know they sound like dark themes, but I promise they are not; what I lack in being a romantic is pretty much made up, for I am a hopeful.

I write short stories especially flash fictions on all kinds of genres, but mostly, crime, mystery and humor. These, you’d see once every week. But you can traverse my archive to read previously written fictions.

I hope you like what you read here. If you have any questions or even want to collaborate, feel free to leave a comment or you can send me an email at mykahani@yahoo.com.
You can also connect with me in Facebook @: words of a random
                         See you around and take care.

262 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ameena, A friend of mine invited me on a blog tour (where you answer some questions about your writing and if you have any tips for new writers etc) and I was wondering if you would like to write a post about your writing after I do mine? I was supposed to write mine last Wednesday but had been in bed sick with the flu all week so there’s no rush. Let me know if you’d like to and I’ll add your link and a bit of a bio about you at the end of my post. Thanks,

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    1. Awww, i’m so sorry. Hope you’re feeling better now. I would have loved to do it, but i’ve actually done a post on it before.
      Thanks for asking me, and take care, get well soon. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, which led me to your wonderful site.
    Looking forward to explore more and follow what’s to come.
    All the best on your journey 🙂

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  3. Ameena! You were one of the first readers I had and right now, I feel so proud of my blog, I get a comparatively high number of stats and everything’s going so well. I just had to thank you for bring there when no one else was. I know it seems awfully cheesy but sometimes, even a little thing like a follow can make a day and you gave me that pleasure when I was sad and wanted to delete my blog.
    Thank you tons!!! I laaav you xx


      1. Aw, that’s okay, you’re welcome ☺ its funny that you came across my site without noticing this! Xx


  4. Amerna. You sound so innocent and lively person U ha e already found so many followers and am sure you will entertain the blogging fraternity with your nice tidy scripts. All the best and God bless this


  5. Hi Ameena, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such great stuff and including so many others’ blogs within your own. Thank you for following my Thoughtsandmisthoughts blog too 🙂

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      1. Oh, yeah… Your busy days of the year. No worries dear. Take your time, sweetheart!
        Study well and do your best in the exams. My best wishes will always be there with you! 🙂

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  6. Hi Ameena,
    Just browsing after a visit to O-pen-u-nated. I liked the illustration on your gravatar–thought I’d find the site of an illustrator, however, med student is equally impressive. Brava!

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