Call me Beautiful-

Call me Beautiful-


Some like ‘em skinny.
Some like ‘em thickum.
But until you find it within yourself to love you as you are,

You’re going to spend the rest of your life holding on to friendships which should long have been allowed to wither away, simply because they find you “beautiful”.
You are going to spend the rest of your life  crawling through moments, searching, chasing, someone to call you beautiful.

And until you learn to love yourself, “beautiful” to you would always, always mean something that is skin deep.
But my dear… Beautiful is so much more than that. Beautiful is not skin deep, it is soul deep.

14 thoughts on “Call me Beautiful-

  1. It is sad that so many people attempt to live up to some perceived image. They are basically “people-pleasing”, and the eventual revelation that one cannot please everybody can be devastating to them.
    “Beauty” is so subjective and is a personal perspective. A bridge can be beautiful … as can the weather. A person can look beautiful; can have a beautiful mind. Eyes can be beautiful … as can a Christmas tree. A weed can produce a beautiful flower, and a storm can produce a beautiful rainbow. Saving an animal from a life of abuse is a beautiful thing, and it’s beautiful that so many “help agencies” here are staffed by volunteers. Hearing a diagnosis that a medical condition can be successfully treated is beautiful. Seeing a new born (anything) may be seen as beautiful.

    Beauty is such a versatile descriptive word, and to lock it down to simply an external appearance produces shortcomings in many areas, the most important of which is self-esteem.
    The most important person in each of our lives should be ourself. If we do not look after ourselves, then we cannot possible effectively look after anybody else. If we are not honest to ourself (i.e. no false image/pretense), then we cannot be honest with those around us. If we do not learn to love ourselves, how can we possibly show love to others.

    Leo Buscaglia quote:
    One cannot give what he does not possess. To give love you must possess love.
    One cannot teach what he does not understand. To teach love you must comprehend love.
    One cannot know what he does not study. To study love you must live in love.
    One cannot appreciate what he does not recognize. To recognize love you must be receptive to love.
    One cannot have doubt about that which he wishes to trust. To trust love you must be convinced of love.
    One cannot admit what he does not yield to. To yield to love you must be vulnerable to love.
    One cannot love what he does not dedicate himself to. To dedicate yourself to love you must be forever growing in love.

    In love. 🙂

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    1. And know.. this reflective piece is also beautiful.
      I couldnt agree more, we cant give what we do not have. It breaks my heart when i see my friends and people around me, not loving themselves. It really does.
      Thank you very much for sharing this with me and everyone reading through the comments. I pray it brightens someone’s day and wises up someone’s mind as it did mine.

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  2. Powerful words and so needed in today’s world! Thank you for sharing Ameena! I would say Colin summed up my thoughts pretty well, not much more I can add. 🙂
    Leo Buscalgia was a man with much wisdom!


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