For my sisters:

For my sisters:


110 of my sisters were taken today.
No yesterday… no,
It’s been a week now.
I’m losing my mind?
Just like the government who claimed:
No, they weren’t taken.
No, they’ve been rescued.
Ohh we’re sorry.. yes they’ve been taken.

110 families,
Under the watch of their leaders,
Awakened to the news their daughters,
Have been taken from their schools.
And the leaders stay sheltered,
In their villas and mansions.
110 of my sisters are gone,
And their leaders are radio silent.

The mothers at weeping,
The fathers are grieving,
My sisters have been taken by men,
Known to show no mercy.

110 of my sisters were taken from school,
To the leaders, I say this: 
It could have been your daughters too. 

MINI RANT: 110 girls were kidnapped the past week from their school. All that these girls and their families wanted, was an education, and now they’ve been taken. At first, the authorities denied that the girls had been taken before eventually admitting it.

A few years back, over 200 girls were kidnapped from their schools and we are yet to rescue over a 100 of them. This doesnt give us much solace regarding the girls taken now. There’s a saying: Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. It is a shame that we, as a country allowed this to happen again. All these girls (Dapchi Girls) wanted was an education, I pray we get them back safe and sound….. Its been 9days!!!! 

23 thoughts on “For my sisters:

  1. I can hardly believe this has happened, especially after what happened a couple of years ago. Why were the armed guards removed from the school? Why was there such an apparent denial of the event in the beginning and how, when the Nigerian Government said it had the upper hand with Boko Haram, has it happened at all? Those poor girls. Thank you for writing about it so powerfully.

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    1. It makes me happy reading how updated you are regarding the issue. Thank you for that.
      So many questions, and the answers are just unavailable. I just hope the government are actually working more than they are talking.

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  2. In this world where we all proudly want to call ourselves Modern, its unbelievable to hear such kinds of incidences. I pity the people who do such crimes against humanity and I am really proud of people like you who do not become blind eyed to them.

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  3. In tears but hopeful and praying with you that the Lord raises a righteous leader who takes on the fight for their freedom. In the powerful name of Jesus-Christ. Amen


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