The weight of silence-

The weight of silence-


To the women who watched him punch me and said nothing…
To the men who watched him tear me and did nothing…

I could run, but I couldn’t.
My arms were burdened with
Two children weighing heavy on
Run to where,
to whom,
With them?

I could run, but I couldn’t.
My body was pained from bruises
And contusions and lacerations;
Words now familiar to me, all
Thanks to so many,
Too many,
hospital visits.
He’d be on me before my shadow
Was out the door.
I could run, but I couldn’t.

I could say something, but I couldn’t.
What would words impact
The eyes that have seen fists,
Gracing my skin
Like a punching bag;
Seeing is believing I heard,
You saw- but you did nothing.
What has words gotten over vision.
I could say something, but I couldn’t.

So I caress my limbs with Ice,
And swallow my words
As darkness envelopes the sky..
A coward- maybe.
But how do you sleep at night
With your silence?

17 thoughts on “The weight of silence-

  1. Ameena, The abusive situation you describe is so awful and the recipient of such violence are known to get into a trauma that leave them without power to act with force and clarity.
    If onlookers don’t say anything, show no helping hand…..well, then they are participating.

    I just so hope that the poem is not about you.


  2. I have been in a situation where I helped my friend escape an abusive husband. I may be small but I am a force to be reckoned with! Besides my friend, the only thing hurt was my truck and his pride but I made him pay for the damages.

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  3. So many women have to live experiences like this one and feel powerless- so many others look on and do nothing. They misuse the power they have. Thank you for writing this, and for being a voice to women who feel like they don’t have one.

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