Black History-

Black History-


The ship sailed their tanned bodies,
on a fateful day with promises,
filling the souls of young black
Men with:
dreams born of ignorance
dreams fuelled by innocence
dreams affirmed with words
which taste like honey,
mouthed by men who spoke
a fancy language.

The oceans witnessed the horrors
which men, inflicted
on another, without skipping a breath.
The promise land drew but
with no promises,
the Eden for the black man became,
A new wave of hell…

I am the descendant
of one such black man;
My soul is rooted
With black history:
We are not slaves who
gained our freedom;
We were free Men long before,
The chains found our wrists…

21 thoughts on “Black History-

  1. Yesssss to that last line, no chains could enslaved the mind! Even when their legs and arms were shackled, their minds revolted first to enable a physical fight. We cannot and must never condone enslavement of any kind. Somebody Libya is calling. (Sorry but that poem moved me to speak on your post).

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    1. Please do!!! I love talking about it. I think its very important. What happened in Libya really was a wakeup call for the world to realise that these things still happen and we need to do better


  2. I love this powerful message. Thank you. It is amazing. Your writing is amazing. Great for #BlackHistoryMonth and just everyday celebrating black excellence!!

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  3. Nicely written. I love black history month. Each year I learn more about what our ancestors endured and the freedoms we enjoy because of their resilience


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