Day 11: No other Reason

Day 11: No other Reason


He is the scent of
freshly ground coffee
On a winter morning.
The energy I need
To walk through
Each day.

He is the gentle hum  
Of mockingbirds. Flooding
The earth with rhythms
Solely and uniquely theirs.
His voice- a reminder
Of what a beautiful world
I live in- my world.

He is a breath of
Fresh air, in a world
Filled with darkness
And grey clouds
And starless skies.

He is the green tree
With it’s luscious leaves,
My source of peace,
And calm.

He is the moon appearing
In spite of the night.
My light in an unending 

He is everything
I need and I love him
Even more because-
He is mine.


I really enjoyed doing the december poetry challenge last year. Plus, I found this really inspiring prompt called “30 layers, 30 days” which many bloggers have completed now. So, I decided to use the prompts for December.

prompt: Another Reason

25 thoughts on “Day 11: No other Reason

  1. This poem felt like the much needed warmth this chilly December morning. Great work, Ameena! Being away from the forum past few months, I really missed reading your poems. Hope you’ve been well. 😊

    Much love!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Ameena for the cheer! Yes, I am hoping to write regularly on the forum now. Haven’t been able to write much past three months as I wasn’t keeping well. Things are better now and it feels great to be back here. Good to know that things are all well ur end. 😊

        Much love!


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