Day 5: All or Nothing

Day 5: All or Nothing


I left the door wide open,
Awaiting your arrival,
You placed one foot
In the doorway,
And left the other
At a distant.

I left the door wide open,
You stayed stuck
In the middle;
I pressed pause on my
Future for you;
But you took too long

I left my door wide open,
On the hope,
You will walk through it;
But you took not one step further
Coming in,
Or moving out.

Now my door is locked with reason;
You can come in
Or you can stay out;
My doorway isn’t open for you,
To stick a foot in,
And the other out.


I really enjoyed doing the december poetry challenge last year. Plus, I found this really inspiring prompt called “30 layers, 30 days” which many bloggers have completed now. So, I decided to use the prompts for December.

Prompt: A cracked door 

I am so sorry, its been a busy 2 days. Will get to the commens and posts and emails as soon as I can.

8 thoughts on “Day 5: All or Nothing

  1. I read this with tears and the only reason I did not just cry out is because I am in the office. Writing my last poem, this is EXACTLY how I feel and you stated better. *ohhh mennn.*


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