Poetry (poets)-

Poetry (poets)-


She told me to write about
The one thing I owned;
What set me apart from,
The writers i know;
What made my heart bleed,
What turns my head spinning,
Bleed from your pen, she said,
The truth you’ve kept hidden.

It began with a conjunction,
The first line i wrote;
Alternating between free verse
And rhyming, i poured
What kept me at night ,
What made my gut churn;
I wrote till I couldn’t,
And made it my own.

Poetry is a journey,
To each poet, their own;
When one pens of heartbreak,
Another pens of joy;
To each their own story,
To each their own woes;
You just do you– she says,
No need to conform.

I’m sorry I havent been able to reply to your comments and posts. Will get to them soon.

29 thoughts on “Poetry (poets)-

  1. love this to pieces! I’ve always been a writer but once I submersed myself within a writing community, all kinds of insecurities took over. When I once thought I was really good, I all of a sudden had fears of being this little fish in a big pond and realizing I have much to learn. Your poem really reminds me that, poetry is about the different emotions and views from all people and no one poem is better than another. They are all raw and beautiful. ❀

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    1. Thank you very much. I am so glad to hear that you got something out of this little poem of mine. I believe its important for us to remind ourselves, theres not just “one” way of writing, there are all kinda of ways of writing.

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  2. This piece sums up some thoughts I’ve had lately, so I think I found it right in time.
    When I write I could be feeling dramatic, sad, ecstatic, witty, or serious. I find immense satisfaction in going back and reading poetry from different points in my life, and I can recall what may have been going on at that specific point in time, when I penned the poem. It’s a journal! A chronology of feelings and emotions. Thanks for sharing.


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