All I Am-

All I Am-


They called me black,
When words were
in their possession,
Once spoken,
Was law and order,
They stated-
          I am black.

She’s a woman,
They reassured;
As if the gender,
Possessed lesser power,
They ordered-
         I am just a woman.

She’s Muslim,
And the veil on my head,
Became heavy,
The venom on their face,
         Muslim- I was a threat.

So many labels,
One individual,
Am I black,
      A woman,

The skin they pointed at
Impenetrable to their words,
I grew to accept,
I was all they had labelled.

Now, when I say
I am a black Muslim woman,
They say-
          I am human.
How they seemed to forget,
When the words,
Were in their power.

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23 thoughts on “All I Am-

  1. I loved the way it began, questioning but seemed to end with a finality. An end statement. Each piece of yours I read, I seem to catch a glimpse of a new way of expression, thank you so much for continuing to share your words ✨ I love reading your work ~


  2. All these labels, as if we were products to be shelved in supermarkets, neatly organized between aisles. It’s one thing if we were celebrating each other’s differences and embracing them, but instead these labels are meant to drive us apart. I wish more people realized that at the end of the day, whether you’re white, black or asian, whether you’re muslim, christian, or jewish, we all live and breathe the same air on this same planet.

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    1. You spoke the truth right her Jade! Our differences should be the reasons for us to unite not a sledgehammer, driving us apart. And its just so sad that that’s not the case. I feel sometimes, we forget we are all just really humans. Sorry I have been away from your blog. It’s been a busy week and I’m only just getting back to posting myself nw too

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      1. I agree, unfortunately, it seems we are forgetting that we are all simply human. I worry that the earth will be destroyed and humanity beyond repair before we remember again.

        No worries about being away from my blog; I’m on a hiatus so there’s nothing to catch up on my blog haha! Hope you’re having a lovely week, dear Ameena 🙂


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