My words-

My words-


It’s the only thing I have
To offer,
Guard it, safe under your
Pillow at night,
That I may know,
The demons which
Haunt me
Taunt me
Compel me
To put into words all that
I can’t handle,
Are away from the one thing
I can call my own-
my words.

Read it,
So that I may know,
Though miles apart,
You see the pages,
Filled with lines
Of the truth and pain,
With which each letter
Is strung,
And you know,
These papers,
Aren’t just filled with words,
But a map of my journey,
Thus far on earth.

Cherish it,
Like you would the heart
Of a friend,
And remember-
Etched in the words,
Are pieces of my heart,
Which I am bestowing,
To no one else,
But- you.

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17 thoughts on “My words-

  1. Wow a very powerful poem and idea, so well put that I feel I have read the some of your words to see journey, and to be shown truths. The poem is really well written and thought out, in fact is so good that I am going to shear it on my blog, so that others can find your wonderful blog and follow it, and your journey. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.


  2. hey !
    That’s a very well penned poem. The depiction of your words here as the map of your journey is the highlight for me . so cheers !I’m relatively new here , just 2 posts old . It would be great if you could check out my work too . thanks !!!


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