Once upon poetry-

Once upon poetry-

There was a time when poetry was a solace, an escape, a listening ear at a time of heartache. It was the balm to wounds burrowed by others; an antidote to words hurled.
It’s ready arms available with the sun out, with the night in, on stormy and sandy days alike- it was always there.

There was a time when poetry was a witness to flood of waterworks; a testament to minor victories and the chart of a rollercoaster journey. It marked the lows, the highs and the stagnant plateau. It was a friend when friends were few.

And you wonder, why I still write poetry? Wouldn’t leaving it be a great injustice… not even that I could.



11 thoughts on “Once upon poetry-

  1. It will always have such an amazing healing power. Not only will leaving it be an injustice, but it’ll also rob us of the privilege to read your moving poems. 😉 So keep writing, my dear. Words have such potential to change our lives..

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  2. What a great read. I think this perfectly expressed everything I feel about poetry, particularly that last line. I don’t think I’ll ever leave it, my poetry has become a part of me. It’s all my thoughts compressed, parts of my life highlighted into a few words.

    Thanks for sharing!



    1. Thank you very much Angie, I am glad I could help with this poem. And that’s the point of writing, secretly hoping that someone somewhere correlates and understands the words we are expressing.

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