Flash Fiction: Gone

Flash Fiction: Gone


D.S Fenworthy looked at the images rolling on the screen and sure enough, the little girl wearing a pink hoodie was Sarah. Her hair was much darker now but that was definitely her- a girl who had gone missing two months ago at a supermarket whilst her mother was shopping. One minute she was there and the next, gone.

boss! Boss!“, Fenworthy yelled across the office.
D.I Lucy hurried to his cubicle, unhappy to have her lunch break uninterrupted.
This better be worth it..”, she began when Fenworthy interjected by pointing at a screenshot of Sarah.
Isn’t that?”

Fenworthy nodded and D.I Lucy dumped her half eaten sandwich into the trash. He played the tape in slow motion which showed Sarah standing on the platform as the train approached, but the moment it passed, she was gone, again.

We can’t lose her again” Lucy declared, “Gather everyone together, fast. A little girl is missing and this is our first real clue. Time is ticking. We need to get Sarah back home.”

Word count: 171 words. this story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring writers Photo prompt challenge. Each week we are provided with a picture and are to write a 75-175 word story on it. Thank you @Yinglan for providing us with this week’s picture.

19 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Gone

  1. A very good story giving a lot of tension and anxiety as well as hopes of them being able to rescue Sarah. It also makes the reader wanting to know more about the child and how they go about finding her. It’s a relief to know that she is still alive and I can imagine how her family will feel when they receive the news that she has been seen.

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  2. Ahh, I hope they save Sarah!! This made me think of a Criminal Minds episode, and I can just imagine Penelope Garcia click-clacking on her laptop, determined to find Sarah. Great story, Ameena!


      1. Yesss Reid ❀ Oh, were you a fan of Beyond Borders, the spin off? I actually really liked it and I'm still so sad that it's been cancelled 😦


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