Pieces of a Puzzle

Pieces of a Puzzle


I am who you think I am and who you think I am not. I am a chest of secrecy and a cloak of openness. I am the strict parent and the fun-loving one. Yes, adrenaline courses through my blood and yes, I need caffeine to go through the day.

I am the spontaneous friend and the sensible one. The burger binger and the salad encourager. The lens wearer and the makeup lover. The football junkie and the pink stiletto owner.

I am who you know me to be, and who you’d never imagine of me. A hopeful dreamer and soulful realist. A traditional home-maker and modern go-getter. A day time hustler and nighttime writer. An avid talker and a silent listener. A couch lover and a crowd speaker.

I am who I am and despite what you may Want, I’ll always be who you’ll Need me to be.

11 thoughts on “Pieces of a Puzzle

  1. Ameena, that is so heartfelt and moving it is amazing to think how much we mean to others who never know the real us. They can never know us because that would spoil the illusion and leave them flat and then they’d never want us to be what ever it is they need when they call on us.

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  2. “There is noone more youer than you!” 🙂 Great post! I loved the “avid talker and silent listener” line.
    And I secretly would love a pair of stileto’s , for they would make me taller! Problem is that it would be very short lived, I would take a few steps and fall on my face. 🙂


  3. This is such an amazing piece. I see how you’ve sewed yourself together through contradicting personalities! Very well written ❤️


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