W- When a girl is born

W- When a girl is born


They say-it’s a girl,
And a chicken is slaughtered,
When a boy graces the earth,
A cow- he deserves.

They say- it’s a girl,
With one glance and their backs;
A boy breathes first air,
And is enshrouded by a crowd.

They say- it’s a girl,
and their shoulders feel burdened,
Cost of marriage is high-
Faces clouded with grief.

They say- it’s a girl!
In the 21st century,
The women curse their stars,
For birthing their kind.

They say- it’s a girl,
And ignorance comes to fore.
But without girls in the world,
There will be no men.

23 thoughts on “W- When a girl is born

  1. I love my daughter & son in equal measure. If every child no matter what gender or which part of the world they live in was valued & treated right from the moment they were born, our world would be a far happier & safer place for us all. The reality of the current situation saddens me deeply😥

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    1. I know. It’s very sad. According to statistics, India has more men than women simply because of their high rate of female infanticide. Here in Nigeria and Sudan though, the males are regarded with a higher status. And some people like the nomads in Sudan, do not allow their females to attend school.

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      1. Such male dominance was prevalent in the Western world not too long ago. Once has to believe that, while things are still not equal, women have come a considerable way towards equality and that progress in that direction will eventually impact countries such as India.

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  2. Loved it, because in my life I have seen many women close to me in my family and friends circle that were subjected to living in shame for having brought only daughters in this world. South Asia is so pathetic really, in rural areas people sometimes throw new born baby girls in trash cans and ditches.
    My dad loved daughters but never lived long to see me grow up, instead I had all these negative sentiments around me with she is a girl, don’t let her do what she wants etc etc.
    The violence against women starts the moment when the doctor or nurse comes out of delivery room and announce ‘its a girl’ and that continues all her life.


  3. Your poem is right on the mark! Girls should always be welcomed in this world just like boys. I never can understand why people feel the way they do about girls…especially other countries. I just read something the other day about a country that makes the woman leave the home when she is having her period. They consider it a health hazard. Some of these women stay under the house and others have to find whatever shelter they can during this time. That line of thinking is something I will never understand! Some animals are treated better than women.


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