R- Rape, there I said it

R- Rape, there I said it



The Shock on their faces,
And the line of their lips,
Spoke much more than words,
Ever uttered could speak,
When she stood up
On a 9 am
I was a victim of rape,
There- I said it.

Enshrouded by shame,
And Shadowed by fear,
For five years I wallowed,
Under the victim’s umbrella,
The word- I couldn’t utter,
Four letters of terror,
Hidden by society-
It happened to me.

The shock on their faces,
And the silence abound,
Fuelled up her drive,
As she spoke on her life,
She mentioned statitics,
And looked at the crowd-
Rape- Is a crime,
And shame is a lie.
You’ve a right to your story,
Your body,
Your mind.

24 thoughts on “R- Rape, there I said it

  1. Hello. Thank you. I too wish to raise awareness as well as letting women know it’s ok to talk out loud about this there is no shame or blame for it. Please check out my blog. A mothers story of her daughters sexual assault. It’s my personal experience and emotions thru it. Although they pale in comparison to my daughter’s. Rape
    Effects a whole family. A father, brother, sister, mother. It changes everything. How they play. Feel. Touch. React. When it happened I felt
    Like I was a tree big and beautiful rotting from the inside out. I was waiting every moment out to fall over and die.

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