S- Success

S- Success


If I could do- half the job,
My mother did- in raising me,
For the young ones I am yet to birth,
Who’d look to me before anyone else,
In the matter of life,
In the matters of death,
In the matters of love,
Or religion, I’d be first.
If I could instill,
Half the morals she did.
Then- I will know
I have indeed succeeded.

No, there is no glitch in timing, today is indeed supposed to be letter Q but I opted to post on letter S. The reason is I have already written this a while ago, its just been sitting in my draft waiting to be posted. And also, I am exhausted, it’s been a filled up day and I haven’t had the chance to write a poem. As I type this, I’m on the bed and ready to drop off any moment from now. Good night.

18 thoughts on “S- Success

  1. Its okay to take a break. I can very much understand the hectic schedules!

    This poem has a lot of truth in it. Holds good to every one of our generation. Even if we have half of what they had, we are more than good!


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