You are allowed to break down and unburden;
Weep from the depth of your soul,
when you hit rock bottom.
You- are allowed to fall apart.
Even rocks dissolve,
under extreme duress.
You are a human,
Intricately put together,
Cell by cell,
To absorb and reflect,
To feel and depict,
Ranges of emotions.

Your breaking is your transformation.
So grieve, weep, fall, break.
Take a good look
At the scattered pieces;
Watch the unwanted,
Flutter away,
And pick yourself up,
Glue it all back together,
And watch your transformation begin.

19 thoughts on “Transformation-

  1. This poem , like most of your other poems, imparts the strong message of not giving up – yes things might be bad but they will definitely get better. Today I shall not give up but I shall muster courage and transform into a butterfly from the cocoon .
    I came here in search for inspiration dear poet , and the purpose is served !!

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    1. I feel like I have dwelled on darkness for so long, and although it still hovers, this year I want to focus on “hope”. I think you are the first to notice it (or let me know) about my recent poems so thank you very much 😊. And here’s to flying high with those wings.

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