I’d like to believe-

I’d like to believe-


I’d like to believe,
There is more to the night,
Than unending scenarios,
Playing loud in my mind.

And I’d like to believe,
At the first string of light,
Someone somewhere experiences,
The joy of being alive,
Even if I’m not that.

I’d like to believe,
At the depth of an abyss,
Lay a bout of sunshine,
Enough to spring someone out.

And I’d like to believe,
The future can be bright,
And rock bottom can only,
Keep me down for a while.

I’d like to believe,
I can build from what I am,
And my darkness will dissipate,
As night gives way to  daylight,
I have to believe that.

18 thoughts on “I’d like to believe-

  1. Beautifully written. You definitely have to believe the best and have hope and faith. Its what gets one through rough nights and even rough days.

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