Day 27: Before Adulting-

Day 27: Before Adulting-


We want the summer sun,
when the winter breeze is drifting;
We hide indoors the minute,
the sun makes its appearance.

We want to fall in love,
with the fairytale and charmings’;
We become a flight risk,
at the slightest inconvenience.

We want to have coins,
Fancy houses, latest gadgets;
We do not give up sleeping,
Get a job and start some living.

we want the best of grades,
Not credits, all distinctions;
So long it doesn’t take up,
Much time to do the reading.

We want a lot of things,
When we’re teens and life seems easy;
Too soon, we learn adulting,
is less wanting and more doing.

prompts for Day 27: Childhood (I changed it to teens, because I already did one with the theme of childhood for day 1) and then Day 28: A job. The above image is courtesy ofย Unconventional


17 thoughts on “Day 27: Before Adulting-

  1. True…adulthood is not as great as children anticipate it being. Unfortunately, with adulthood comes with more responsibilities. It’s certainly isn’t all fun and games. You have less time to do what you really want to do and money that needs to be spent on things you would rather not have to spend if on.

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  2. I think this is very true, not realizing how good we had it growing up. The danger of being an adult, your perception of mortality changing, how much work real life is. It’s so much easier being young, we didn’t have real complications did we? (Many of us but not all). But we never realize, like your picture of Cinderella, it’s like waking up from a fairytale. Beautifully expressed in your poem.

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