Day 6: The good, the bad…

Day 6: The good, the bad…


There were days when
Putting on clothes,
And drawing the curtain,
felt tantamount to
armouring up,
And heading towards battle…
Nights which went on,
For infinity,
it seemed…
Moments which crushed,
Every fibre,
Of my want to exist.

And then there were days,
When the sun’s golden rays,
worked its magic on me;
And I enjoyed,
Every moment,
Never wanting it to cease;
Nights which passed on-
And peace, serenity
Encapsulated me.

The bad days
Remind me-
I am stronger than I think.
And the good days,
Are a testimony,
This life is worth living.

Today’s prompt is A Process (DecemberPoetryChallenge).Β I had no idea what to do or write and I thought, life is a series of good and bad days, hence the poem. I’m not sure it fits with the prompt above but then again, “a process” does little to spur creativity :).Β 

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20 thoughts on “Day 6: The good, the bad…

  1. I think you captured the process precisely. Life is a process. There’s so many things we have to process, among them, good and bad days! I love it when you say “felt tantamount to
    armouring up”, that’s exactly how it feels some days!!

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