Day 5: The blues-

Day 5: The blues-


The blues-
Is the term we use when,
Trying, to downplay an emotion.
When the flashback of a memory,
Opens a door, we’ve kept locked up
for Far too long.

When tears descend our cheeks in silence,
And the words which come so readily In writing-
Escape us.

When loneliness is inviting, like say-
After a heartbreak;
And we know, we deserve better,
Everybody knows we deserve better,
But still-
It doesn’t put a damp on the heart that’s hurting.

When pain is magnifying,
And words cant describe it;
And people notice our faces,
Stained in all the right places,
We answer-
Just feeling a little blue today.

But, the truth is-
A little blue- is never- just- little.

Today’s prompt is Blue. This poem is in response to DecemberPoetryChallenge. 31 poems in 31 days. The above image is courtesy ofΒ


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