Flash Fiction: Checkmate! 

Flash Fiction: Checkmate! 

“Mommy, can you not stand so close”, Jackson protested. “Everyone’s going to think I’m a baby”.
“Oh honey”, his mother replied ruffling his brown hair.
Jackson pulled his chair further away from his mother’s side as his opponent, MikeyG  settled in the seat opposite them.

you my opponent?”, MikeyG questioned with a raised brow.

Haven’t I heard that before“, Jackson replied staring right back.

Just then, a voice announced, “let’s get this show started”.

Two hours and a few minutes later, Jackson declared “Check mate!”
MikeyG’s face morphed into a dark cloud and as Jackon’s mother was gearing up to intervene in case he turned out to be another sore loser, MickeyG’s lips curved into a smile and laughter bellowed.

For the first time in Jackson’s 7 years, his opponent shook his hand and said, “it’s been a pleasure to be beaten by you little one“.
Jackson beamed and MikeyG turned to His mum saying, “that’s one special kid you’ve got there”.

Jackson’s mum forced back the tears from her eyes thinking, “don’t I know it”.

Word count: 175 words. This story is in response to Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers photo prompt challenge. Thank you @Iain Kelly for this week’s photo. I absolutely loved it and had an easy time being inspired to write this.

27 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Checkmate! 

  1. Cute story Ameena. I’m glad mikeG took being beaten by a little kid well. What a talented Jackson, and of course MikeG knows, a lot of his talent being practiced and supported is due to his mother. Great write ❤️

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  2. A lovely story, Ameena. 🙂 I’m glad MikeyG took his defeat so well – he sounds like a really nice man. As others have said, the love of the game shared by Jackson and MikeyG could be the start of a great friendship.


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